Real or ruse? A closer look at the Lemon Bottle fat dissolving phenomenon

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Social media has the ability to drive trends like no other engine: from the power of Pinterest to the brains behind BookTok. Like almost every other facet of modern life, the aesthetic industry has also been heavily influenced by the digital ecosystem.


For many, it’s been a blessing: introducing aesthetic treatments and businesses that have made consumers look and feel amazing. Sadly, for every legitimate item on the market, there are endless others - some of which can cause real harm.


One of the most talked-about products at the moment is South Korean company Sid Medico’s Lemon Bottle fat dissolving treatment.


It claims to be a “premium fat dissolver”, a cutting-edge solution made from natural ingredients that speeds up the metabolism of fat cells. It’s been such a hit that the internet is now awash with fake versions of Lemon Bottle, all making the same fat decomposition claims.


Let’s take a closer look at this product, why some experts are not convinced it does what it claims, and why our app can help you find qualified, certified practitioners offering proven alternatives to this advanced lipolysis solution.

What is Lemon Bottle made from?

According to Sid Medico’s website, the Lemon Bottle lipolysis solution was “formulated by Korean dermatologists after extensive medical research” and is “designed to be safe and effective, with no harmful side effects”.


The site goes on to say that Lemon Bottle is made from “safe and natural ingredients”, and is a solution that contains riboflavin (vitamin B2), bromelain in the form of pineapple enzymes, and lecithin.

What does Lemon Bottle do to fat cells?

Sid Medico claims that Lemon Bottle dissolves fat cells in the body, from the jawline and abdomen to underarms and love handles, at a rate faster than the usual metabolism of fat cells.


Lemon Bottle is a solution that combines riboflavin vitamin B2, bromelain and lecithin. It helps quickly break down fat cells, with the resulting fatty acid disposed naturally by urination.


It’s worth noting two things at this point. First, because Lemon Bottle does not contain any pharmaceutical ingredients, it doesn’t come under drug licencing laws and is classed in the EU as a cosmetic product. We’ll come back to this later.


Second, the ingredients in Lemon Bottle have not yet been proven to dissolve fat: the scientific jury is still very much out.  

Fat decomposition and the aesthetics industry

That said, the desired results Lemon Bottle claims to achieve are not new. There are many products in the aesthetic industry which focus on problem areas and help break down stubborn fat deposits and speed up the metabolism of fat cells.


What is different about the Lemon Bottle treatment is the fact it does not rely on commonly used and proven ingredients, such as phosphatidylcholine or deoxycholate acid, to address stubborn fat deposits.


This makes the injectable even more problematic for internet buyers.

Lemon Bottle: a social media success story...

Like many K-beauty trends, social media has brought the claims behind the Lemon Bottle fat dissolving treatment to the attention of lots of UK consumers.


Naturally, that has boosted demand and the online market has been flooded by a whole host of treatments which, at a distance, may look like Lemon Bottle, but are very much not the solution that combines riboflavin, bromelain and lecithin made by Sid Medico.

...but an aesthetics industry nightmare

Because of the lack of regulation we spoke about earlier, unscrupulous internet vendors can sell counterfeit versions of Lemon Bottle, without the so-called premium ingredients. 


This has led to an uptick in complaints from consumers who thought they were buying a ‘genuine’ product from the internet, only to experience less-than optimal results.


There have also been reports of side-effects requiring post treatment care, including bruising, swelling, infections and abscesses. In one very extreme case, the treatment led to tissue death.


While concerns about consumers buying any Lemon Bottle products online are justified, there are many certified UK aesthetic practitioners on the SafeAp app offering proven, deoxycholic acid fat dissolving injectable treatments 100% safely and reliably.

Where can fat dissolving products be injected?

Advanced lipolysis solutions help create fat decomposition. They do this by speeding up the metabolism of fat cells in parts of the body that can be difficult or resistant to exercise. That includes:


      Double chin


      Love handles

      Upper arms (known as ‘bingo wings’)


      Bra fat

      Inner and outer thighs



A fast, effective treatment

Fat dissolving injectables are not only suitable for use around the body, they can have other key benefits too.


In the hands of a certified aesthetic practitioner, they are a quickly administered, minimally invasive treatment that gets to work immediately.


For a client on a weight loss programme, fat dissolving injectables can result in a contoured appearance to each treated area on their body. For others, the fat dissolving treatment can play a crucial role in enhancing their natural facial features.


For many people, the benefits of fat dissolving injectables go far beyond the hype: it’s their confidence boosted.

What to expect from a lipolysis treatment

Once you’ve found your aesthetic practitioner via the SafeAp app, they should establish whether you are suitable for an advanced lipolysis solution during your initial consultation.


They will carry out a full medical check but, if you suffer from kidney or liver issues, have Type 1 diabetes or difficulty processing fat, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have current skin conditions or infections, you will not be deemed suitable.


If you are in general good health but just need a little help in one or two areas of your face or body, these injectables can have many benefits.


They are quick and easy to dispense and, in many cases there is minimal swelling in the treatment area, so you can get on with your life after each session.

How long before you see the results?

That depends on the area of your body that has been treated and how many fat cells you want to dissolve to achieve the desired result.


It’s worth remembering that the body contouring achieved by fat dissolving treatment is not as dramatic as fat removal via liposuction. The results will vary from patient to patient.


Depending on the treated areas and individual needs, the results can be seen within four to six weeks, as the accelerating metabolism of fat cells causes fat decomposition.


Some may require several fat dissolving injections over several sessions, others with fewer fat cells in their body may need fewer. Every patient and every body is different. It goes without saying you need to try to maintain a healthy lifestyle afterward!

Which aesthetic practitioners offer fat dissolving injectables?

Download our app to find a certified practitioner near you today, and search from a list of qualified healthcare aesthetic practitioners.


If you’re an aesthetic practitioner offering fat dissolving injectables or other treatments that will accelerate the metabolism of fat, you can download the platform here.

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